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Gideon A. Lincecum

Oklahoma City +1 405 367 0568


State Bar of Oklahoma, U.S. District Courts for the Western, Eastern and Northern Districts of Oklahoma, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for the Western and Eastern Districts of Oklahoma, U.S. District Court for the Eastern and Southern District (Houston Division) of Texas, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, U.S. Supreme Court

PRACTICES Appellate \ Litigation \ Corporate \ Oil and Gas \ Insurance \ Information Technology \ Intellectual Property \ Privacy and Cybersecurity \ Construction \ Commercial \ Transportation \ Elections \ Governmental Affairs

Gideon Lincecum is a litigator with twenty years of litigation experience in representing individual and corporate clients in state, federal, and appellate matters. Gideon’s extensive experience in litigation includes representing domestic and international companies in high stakes cases covering a wide gamut from oil and gas drilling and exploration, tractor and trailer transportation, intellectual property, and authorship rights. Gideon has additionally spent decades developing his expertise in digital forensics to best handle discovery of electronic evidence. In practice, he has used his combined legal and technological expertise to better position his clients to obtain favorable outcomes, whether in litigation or in business. His work in the combined areas of litigation and technology led one federal court judge to comment, “you are probably one of the most computer-savvy lawyers in the entire country … seriously.” ​Constant professional development and study has allowed Gideon to use and coordinate technology in the courtroom to reveal weaknesses in the opposing party's case that would otherwise go unnoticed. As one example, a large railroad’s case against a small Oklahoma trucking company involving a crossing accident was upended when he used forensic visualization to demonstrate a maintenance defect in a raised railroad crossing. Gideon worked with forensic investigators using drone technology to map the crossing environment for the case, and the evidence presented at trial showed the railroad crossing defects. The jury, convened in federal court, found that the railroad was contributorily negligent in the accident. The case was subsequently settled after the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a new trial after reversing the district court’s ruling in favor of the railroad on a key legal issue involving the railroad’s responsibility for the condition of the raised crossing and related defects. ​Gideon’s other notable representations involved assisting the Jackson Lewis law firm during a federal trial with the age discrimination case resulting in directed verdict in favor of Pfizer, Inc., Kirkpatrick v. Pfizer, Inc., 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 45678, 2009 WL 1405175. He has also provided counsel to a large Oklahoma real estate services company on transitioning to cloud services and employment related issues. Additionally, Gideon has litigated and directed computer forensic examinations related to an employee’s misappropriation of confidential business information leading to the recovery of the data. He also managed the preservation of electronic information pursuant to government subpoenas directed to a large Oklahoma oil and gas company. And, he was additionally involved in litigating climate change and ongoing exposure matters for another large oil company. Gideon has represented corporate clients in relation to major bankruptcy liquidations and reorganizations. No matter how difficult, large or small, Gideon welcomes the opportunity to protect his existing and prospective client’s legal rights and business interests.

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